Lee Felicia Dilbert

Best-Selling Author and Life Coach
Felicia began Beautiful Healing to equip women with the skills and knowledge to unlearn unworthiness as they discover their path of Beautiful Healing. 

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Beautiful Healing Vol. 1 Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seeker's Soul

Beautiful Healing is filled with personal life experiences of overcoming challenges.  Each letter has a sisterly love vibe that provides context for difficult situations. This book will especially benefit those that need help in order to disengage from emotional pain, destructive lifestyles, and negativity.


                                   Purchase both books for a total of $45.00

                                                                      (includes shipping+free gift)


Heart's Contentment Tea

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Life Coaching Sessions with Felicia

You can expect to feel a SHIFT in your perspective after a Beautiful Healing Mindset Session. Together we will dig deep. I know you’ll enjoy the process of realizing your inner strength and resources.

Beautiful Healing Mindset coaching provides space for women to rest, gain clarity, and experience breakthroughs. 

1 hour of Beautiful Healing Mindset Coaching: $100.00

The Beautiful Healing Bundle
Bundle and Save! The Beautiful Healing Bundle is only 87.00
(includes 1 BH book, BH journal, a 30 minute mindset session and 1 bag of organic tea)