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Welcome to Beautiful Healing

Healing evolves over life, not overnight. 

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Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seeker's Soul, Volume 1 & The Beautiful Healing Journal



Lee Felicia Dilbert, best-selling Author and Empowerment Coach, is the founder of Beautiful Healing.

Felicia has a heart for loving on and serving women. Beautiful Healing is a series of seven powerful love letters that express what it means to understand how to navigate our chaotic world, our feelings and emotions, and different things that come up when trauma or drastic change occurs in life.

Having the right tools, coping skills, and support to move forward when you may fall from grace make a difference, and she's here to empower you to climb your mountain. Contact her today to schedule your Clarity Consultation. Beautiful Healing looks good on you!

A Special Message From Felicia



I'm sooooo glad that you found your way to my website. 


Ever wonder if you are on the right path? I've been there. And you, my love, are not alone in this. As long as you have breath in your body, you have a great purpose. I used to wonder if I was on the right path. After a while, I discovered that there was much more to my life story than I had ever imagined. And the same is true for you! 


Through a tremendous loss, I penned two extraordinary books in 2020. Beautiful Healing Vol. 1 Seven Love Letters for the Truth Seeker's Soul and the Beautiful Healing Journal.


I'm living proof that purpose and the path await. I had no idea these books were even inside of me. God knew, though. 

​I provide practical, straight-talk tips on being present, reflective, and reclaiming peace. Because living is a gift. A fulfilling life—a life healed through beautiful breakthroughs is exactly what you deserve.

All the pain you have endured thus far wasn't in vain. YOU are worthy. Yes, sis. YOU are worthy!

Sister, your love letters have arrived. 


Embrace your Beautiful Healing by purchasing your Beautiful Healing Book Bundle today. Check out my Heart's Contentment Organic Tea as well. Click here for more details. 

You got this. 


I cannot wait to hear about your path of Beautiful Healing.

I love you,


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